Roger Ver preaches about bitcoin cash: “One of the most compelling investment cases in the entire ecosystem”

If you look at the history of cryptocurrencies, American Roger Ver is definitely one of the longest-serving.

It all began in 2011 when he made his first investments in bitcoin and traveled around the world to preach about the new decentralized invention. He was later nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus” for his persistence and strong belief in the cryptocurrency.

But the ideas of a decentralized payment system that Roger Ver got excited about in 2011 changed radically around 2017, he says when Trijo News meets him in Stockholm.

Different views of what bitcoin really was meant to be created two camps.

“For me, it’s kind of frustrating that everybody is calling something bitcoin that’s not the same thing that I got excited about in 2011. The thing that I got so excited about and that I thought could change the world is today called bitcoin cash”, says Roger Ver to Trijo News.

Different views

Different views on, among other things, the cost and speed of bitcoin transactions linked to the size of the blocks in the blockchain caused some of the bitcoin community to break away in August 2017 and conduct a so-called “hard fork” on bitcoin.

This means that a blockchain is split into two versions, which creates a new cryptocurrency. The new cryptocurrency was named bitcoin cash.

Today, it is the world’s fourth-biggest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $5 billion.

“I think bitcoin cash is one of the most compelling investment cases in the entire ecosystem for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin cash wants to be cash for the entire world, where everybody is using cash today. The BTC version of bitcoin wants to become the replacement for gold. Well, the market cap for cash around the world is a heck of a lot more than the market cap for gold around the world”, says Roger Ver.

Out on a new crypto mission

For a few years now, Roger Ver has been involved with, a company he founded together with the Swede Emil Oldenburg. The company has a cryptocurrency news site whose editor is also Swedish. They also have a crypto wallet for bitcoin cash and now also a crypto exchange.

Until recently, Roger Ver was CEO of, which is legally based on the paradise island of Saint Kitts in the Caribbean, but now he has changed his position to be chairman of the board.

During the fall, he is also on a new crypto mission where he tries to spread his gospel about bitcoin cash and

“If cryptocurrencies are not more useful than the existing systems, people aren’t going to use them. So if we want people to use cryptocurrencies, we have to make them more useful than Swish, Paypal and Visa. And that is what we are busy trying to do with”, says Roger Ver.

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