Judge’s decision: Craig Wright must hand over half of his bitcoin holdings

In the crypto world, Australian Craig Wright is a name many people know, perhaps mainly because of two things.

On the one hand, he claims to be bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto (which many people believe is not true). On the other hand, he is the actual founder of the controversial cryptocurrency bitcoin SV.

Since last year, a legal dispute has been going on in the United States where Craig Wright’s deceased business partner David Kleiman’s family have sued the Australian over bitcoin which they both allegedly mined together in the early 2010s.

Now the case’s judge Bruce Reinhart recommends a ruling in favor of Kleiman, Coindesk reports, citing a source.

Must hand over bitcoin

The judge recommends that Craig Wright hands over half of his bitcoin holdings and other intellectual property he had before 2014 to Kleiman’s family.

In addition, Craig Wright will not be entitled to a jury trial. He may, however, appeal the decision.

The judge also did not decide whether or not Craig Wright is bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto, but only reached a decision in the dispute that the case is about.

Intends to take action

According to Craig Wright’s lawyer, the judge’s recommendation is both extreme and disproportionate.

“This is not a final judgment in the case, and Dr. Wright intends to take steps available to him to continue to vigorously defend the claims asserted against him by Ira Kleiman“, says the lawyer to Coingeek.

Judge Bruce Reinhart’s decision must be adopted by District Judge Beth Bloom before it becomes final, Coindesk reports.

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