John McAfee arrested – for the second time this week

On Thursday, Trijo News reported that bitcoin advocate and anti-virus pioneer John McAfee was released from Dominican custody.

The reason why John McAfee, who has been on the run from US authorities since 2012, was arrested is unclear but may have had to do with the fact that the boat he was on was full of high-caliber weapons.

Now it seems that John McAfee has been in trouble with the law for the second time this week.

“A record, I think”

John McAfee himself has tweeted about the incident, and also posted a photo from the detention center.

“My second arrest in one week – a record I think”, he writes on Twitter.

Given the fact that the anti-virus pioneer uses social media, it seems that he is once again set free.

Not really arrested

John McAfee’s assistant Rob Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Loggia-Ramirez tells CNET that it was never an actual arrest but rather the Dominican authorities keeping the bitcoin advocate in custody.

Why John McAfee was kept in custody is, like most things about him, unclear.

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