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  • Billionaire Henry Kravis makes his first crypto investment

    Jul 01, 2019

    Recently, much has been written about how large banks and other financial institutions have invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    Now comes more news that may increase the financial world’s respect for cryptocurrencies. The billionaire investor Henry Kravis has made his first investment in cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg reports.

    One of the world’s richest people

    Henry Kravis, who is best known for having founded the investment company KKR & Co, has chosen to invest his money in Parafi Capital, a fund that invests in cryptocurrencies and companies that use blockchain, Bloomberg reports.

    It is not known how big the billionaire’s investment is – but Henry Kravis has a net worth of $5,8 billion and is the world’s 317 richest person, according to Forbes.

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