New survey reveals: Libra more interesting than all altcoins

Jul 22, 2019

Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency libra has faced a lot of opposition from politicians and other rulers recently.

Among other things, American President Donald Trump has criticized the cryptocurrency, and the US Congress is considering banning libra.

However, everything is not negative for Facebook’s cryptocurrency. A new survey made by the trading platform Etoro shows that interest in libra is big.

Many already know of libra

The study shows that 16 percent of all adult Americans have heard of libra.

That may not seem like a lot compared to bitcoin which is at 58 percent. But it is still impressing considering that Facebook revealed the plans to launch the cryptocurrency just a month ago.

In addition, libra is already ahead of all the altcoins mentioned in the survey. For example, only twelve percent of respondents had heard of ethereum, which is at number three on the list.

Recently, another study showed that many will avoid using Facebook’s cryptocurrency because of the company’s poor reputation in privacy issues. You can read about that here.

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